Pivot — shift from b2c to b2b

You may be wondering why Spent has deactivated its consumer apps. While it is the end of one chapter for Spent, it is really just the beginning of our story.

Spent started its life as an expense management app designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their spending and keep track of receipts for expense reports.

The idea was to offer a free app, never charging users. In order to do this we had a choice. Use a traditional advertising model, with annoying banner ads in the app, or to present fewer more relevant offers to users based on their spending history.

These offers turned out to be vastly more interesting and valuable to our users than the expense management features!

So we decided to make a pivot and focus on building the best cash back offer platform we could dream up. We focused on partnering with industry leading offer supply companies, establishing direct merchant relationships, and building a travel booking engine with very generous cash back at hotels all around the world.

Delivering amazing offers to our users via the SpentApp became our focus. We built technology to help us curate the best offers for our users based on previous transaction history, location services, merchant and category preferences, and more. We believe we’ve built a platform that is head and shoulders above others in the market.

But acquiring new users like you is expensive! Without huge venture capital investment, we were not in a position to run our own advertising campaigns to get our own message out.

So we’ve decided to pivot yet again and focus on giving fintechs, banks, brands, and others access to the Spent Offers Engine so they can give their customers access to all of our amazing deals and offers.

We’re taking some time to go back to the lab to reconfigure the Spent Offers Engine. Once ready, you’ll start to see offers powered by Spent start to show up in some of your favorite apps, in online and mobile banking services, and more!

We’d like to thank each and every one of our SpentApp users for helping us dream up and build the future of embedded cash back offers! Your use of the app and feedback has been invaluable! We hope you’ve enjoyed using Spent and look forward to seeing you again soon from behind the scenes!

Until then,
The Spent Team