SpentApp is now SpentLabs

And we’re very excited to announce our first product, the SpentOffers API, a single “meta” API that aggregates online, mobile and in-store cash-back offers from leading offer vendors into a single point of integration.

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What is a “meta” API?

In this case, The SpentOffers API is integrated with and consumes offer content from many suppliers via their individual APIs. Integrating with each of these suppliers is a time consuming and costly effort, and each integration requires contractual and financial commitments. Instead of having to work with these companies individually, SpentLabs enables you to integrate the SpentOffers API once, and have the benefit of multiple integrations. As SpentLabs increases the volume of users, our suppliers increase the value of the offers available. Everyone wins.


The SpentOffers API

If you’re a bank, processor, fintech, brand, publisher, or any kind of website or app that wants to deliver value to customers with access to offers, coupon codes, discounts, and cash-back, we’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. One integration is all you need.

Offer Sources

The SpentOffers API enables access to offers from the world’s leading offer originating companies. We’re adding new partners often, but your integration doesn’t change. Our API is robust and provides access to up-to-date content from our entire network. So when we add new offer sources, you get the benefit with no additional work.

Spent offer sources

Offer Curation

Behind the SpentOffers API is a smart engine leveraging user transaction history, location services, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to present the right offers to the right users at the right time to maximize the value your customers are looking for.

Spent offer curation


Your business is unique. We enable you to narrow the scope of available offers to fit your specific demographic and product focus. You can also review performance analytics and adjust the offer mix to optimize value for your users and revenue for your business.

Spent administration

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